BxB Secure is dedicated to providing straightforward, easy to use, cost effective secure digital communications with a focus on HIPAA Compliant Email, Forms, and Hosting. Read more about being simply secure...

  • HIPAA Email Features

    Email that works like email, even when both sender and recipient aren’t BxB Secure Email subscribers. Many other HIPAA Email solutions providers can’t match this user experience.

  • Is FAXing Compliant?

    The simple answer is, No. It’s not impossible, just highly improbable if either sender or recipient is still using a traditional FAX machine, or eFAXing without a secure line. Send documents via our Secure-Line Email solution and know you’re compliant.

  • Our Competitive Advantage

    All HIPAA Email solutions are not created equal. Our “basic” email package includes critical features and options only available as costly add-ons through most other providers.